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At Contingency Entertainment, we champion the rhythmic heartbeat of global sound, curating a dynamic roster of trailblazing artists who seamlessly blend Afrobeat vibes, Reggaeton rhythms, Pop melodies, and Hip-Hop beats. We stand as the catalyst for a new era in music, where diverse genres converge to create an electrifying fusion that transcends boundaries.


Jazmine Alvarado
Jazmine Alvarado

Jazmine Alvarado is a rising star in the Mexican music industry, known for her soulful voice, impressive range, and captivating stage presence. She gained national attention when she auditioned for the Mexican talent show “Tengo Talento Mucho Talento" and impressed both the judges and viewers with her powerful voice. Her performances on the show were unforgettable and she quickly became a fan favorite. After releasing her debut singles in 2023, Jazmine quickly got the attention of official Spotify playlist curators, and she was added to their official "Latin Folk" playlist.

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